Selecting Images for your Wedding Album

Selecting images for an album is an important process in designing a wedding album for your clients. You want to choose images that they’re going to love and will help them remember memories from their wedding day.

Here are 3 tips that we use when selecting images.

1. Tell a story

In a digital age, our picture memories are often stored on hard drives instead of photo albums. So often, the printed wedding album you give your clients is their only tangible memories from their special day. Select images that showcase the whole day, and re-tell their love story! Choose moments from every part of the day, so as they flip through the album they can relive every moment; from getting ready to leave the reception.

2. Signature Images

Choose images that showcase your individual style as a photographer. The couple obviously chose you as a photographer for a specific reason, so don’t be afraid to include album selects that showcase your work. If they’re images that inspire you, and images you love, your couple will love them too.

3. Details

The little details are a big part of the day, but often don’t make their way into a wedding album. Album selects are supposed to showcase the entire day, and the decor and details are thought about for months when planning a wedding. Be sure to add in different details from the flowers, to reception decor.

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Here is our typical breakdown for wedding albums.

Selecting Images:

1. Getting Ready Images: 10-15%
2. First Look: 5%
3. Bride and Groom Portraits: 20-30%
4. Bridal Party: 10%
5. Ceremony: 20-25%
5. Family Formals: 5%
7. Reception: 25-30%

Once you’ve finished selecting images for your album, check on the blog here for tips on designing modern albums.

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