1. Let's Chat

    You meet us, and we meet you! Every good partnership starts with learning and listening first!

  2. Test it Out

    Teach us how you shoot and edit. We’ll go back and forth until we get it right.

  3. Submit a Session

    It’s just the beginning of our partnership together so give us lots of feedback from you.

  4. Find Freedom

    Spend less time editing, more time shooting and hanging out with your family and friends!



This includes color, exposure and contrast corrections, as well as cropping, lens corrections, straightening, highlight and shadow recovery.

Your personal editor will use any presets that you’ve developed as a base, and regularly work with VSCO, Tribe, Mastin, DVLOP, and many other presets. If you’re not sure what you want we’re happy to work with you in finding a preset that is a good fit. We offer both portrait and wedding photo editing.

RAW Processing:0.32/image
JPEG Processing:0.38/image


If you’re shooting with multiple cameras, it’s easy to get the syncing out of order. This can be a pain when you’re trying to sort through your workflow, and can slow you down at every step in the process.

To start, we’ll sync all of your cameras together, and categorize every section of the wedding into folders for easy uploading to your online proofing gallery. Each of these services can be ordered individually, and are priced by session.

Time-syncing: $30/session
Categorization: $30/session


Our professional editors will go through all of your images and select the best ones. Our editors go through every job in detail to understand the story of the day and make sure that everything is well represented.

We keep at least one shot of each family formal grouping and work to get your specific preferences and method of culling before we start.

Culling:$0.05/image submitted

Gallery Upload

Waiting for your images to export to JPEG, then upload to your gallery can slow down your computer, and seem like such a tedious step in your workflow.

Let us do it for you! Just let us know your login information, and once we finalize your JPEG files, we’ll upload it for you.

Export to JPEG:$30/session
Upload to Gallery:$30/session

Get Started


1. Let’s chat

Every great relationship starts with a conversation. So, before we jump into editing we ALWAYS start with a call so you can meet us and we can meet you! We want to get to know you, hear your story, listen to your expectations and see how we can support you best.

After that, we’ll dig into the specific details of how you want your images to look. What is your style and how can we help you achieve it? Whether you’ve got an established brand, or you want to develop something new together, we’re on board with your vision.

2. Test it out

Working on a test order together is so important to making sure we build a long lasting partnership. In fact, it’s so important that we never move forward without doing it together. We’ll ask you to provide a full photo session – if you’re primarily a wedding photographer or send us a full collection from a family or portrait shoot. The first time we work on your images, we want to see what your ‘main’ shooting style looks like!

Once we have received your photos, we’ll select 30-50 images to edit and then we’ll work with you on revisions until we’re both confident in the final look. Our goal is to provide you with the style of image you are looking for so we encourage you to provide as much feedback as possible. This is helps us deliver images that you love. This process doesn’t cost anything and is just to help set us up for a long lasting partnership.

3. Submit a session

Once you feel comfortable with final round of test edits, you’re ready to submit a session! Over the first few sessions you send, we will ask for as much feedback as possible so that we can continue to make sure we are learning your editing style. It’s a process to see and think the way you do, but we are up for the challenge.

You’ll be working with our production manager and your personal editor moving forward. Their understanding of who you are, how you communication and what you want to see in your images will be key to ensuring the same results again, and again.

4. Find Freedom

Now that you’ve outsourced a huge part of your business, you’ll have more time to spend working on the aspects of your business that you love. No more editing on the couch after your kids have gone to bed until 2am. No more stress about getting images to your clients by the deadline. This is freedom.

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Do you do more than just wedding photo editing?

Absolutely. We can edit any type of session, portraits, real estate, headshots, engagements, boudoir, etc.

What presets do you work with?

All of them! Our photographers are all unique in their photo editing style so we have experience working with many. Some common preset companies we work with include: VSCO, Mastin, Red Leaf, Tribe, DVLOP, and custom presets.

What if I’m unhappy with the work?

We guarantee free revisions within 1-2 business days of the request. We always want to know how we can do better, so give your personal editor any notes you have and we’ll make be sure to make the adjustments!

What adjustments do you make on the images?

Typically the settings we adjust are:

  • White Balance
  • Exposure Corrections
  • Black-point Corrections
  • Contrast Adjustments
  • Highlight/Shadow Recovery


On request, we’re happy to adjust anything else you need. This can include:

  • Vibrance
  • Clarity
  • Sharpening
  • Lens Corrections
  • Grain
  • Noise Reduction
  • Cropping
  • Percentage of Black & White Conversions
  • Straightening
  • Specific Color adjustment

What is advanced editing?

Anything above our basic editing is considered an advanced edit. This includes any burning, dodging, filters, etc. We offer Lightroom Retouching at an additional cost. You can see more here.


Can I try you out before I place an order?

Always! We never start working on actual sessions until we’ve gone through a trial edit. We’ll edit 30-50 images for you and go back and forth until we feel confident and finalize a style profile for you.

How does culling (image selection) work?

Throughout the image selection process, we’ll take all of the images from your session, examine each image for sharpness, composition, facial expressions, and then choose the best ones according to your preferences. Once we’re done, we’ll send back XMPs with the selected files marked with 5 stars.

What if I have changes?

No problem. Just let us know within 7 business days of receiving your files, and we’ll be happy to keep tweaking the images until they’re perfect for you.

How do you send my files back?

For all Small DNG orders, we send back XMP files. If you’re sending over Smart Previews, we’ll send you back the Lightroom Catalogs for your version of Lightroom.

What’s the turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time for portrait and wedding photo editing is 7-9 business days. In addition, we add 1 business day per order if you’re submitting multiple orders at once.

What if you don’t match my style?

Every photographer is different. That’s one of the things that makes you unique as a photographer! It’s also the reason we always do a trial edit to ensure that your style stays consistent when you work with us. We aim to get it right the first time, but we’re happy to do revisions if something isn’t quite right.

I don’t have a preset that I love, can you make one for me?

This is our favourite thing to do! We love working with you to develop your style. We offer a style development service that gives you a custom colour and black and white preset. If this interests you shoot us an email.

I take my images into Alien Skin after I’m finished in Lightroom, can you do this for me?

We sure can. We have experience in Alien Skin, Photoshop, Exposure and Camera Raw; we would be happy to do this for you.