1. You do you, boo!

    Shoot a wedding, send us the gallery, and then let us choose the images

  2. We work our magic

    We'll design a clean and modern album that tells the best story from the day

  3. You approve it

    We always send the first draft to you to approve. It's your style after all

  4. We'll handle changes

    We'll deal with all communication with your client until they're satisfied


Album Design

  • This service includes our wedding album design service for any album company, any page dimensions, and any amount of images. You let us know what you like, and we’ll translate your vision into the album design.

Album Spread:$8/spread

Image Selection

  • Having trouble picking what images you want in your album? Don’t spend your time going back and forth with your client. Send over the full gallery and we’ll choose the images and do the back and forth for you before sending over your wedding album design!

Image Selection:$50/album

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1. We design every album from scratch. We want to incorporate your personal style and create an album that will represent you well and represent the story behind the photos.

2. We make the process simple. We choose the images, we design the album, we communicate with clients on your behalf and once we have a completed album all you need to do is send it off to the printer!

3. We include unlimited revisions to the design of an album in our simple flat-rate price and will also work with any album company, album size, or process that you prefer to use.

4. We manage the whole proofing process using Album Exposure, an interactive, web-based album design program! When an album has been drafted, there are two options. We can work on behalf of you (the photographer) in which case we’ll send the album directly to your client and work through revisions with them directly OR if you’d prefer to communicate with your client personally, we can send you the album directly. Either way, Album Exposure allows us to stay behind the scenes and will make it simple for your clients to give feedback on the design freely and until they’re happy with it.

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Do you do album design for events other than weddings?

Absolutely! We’ve done albums for families, engagement sessions, guest books, portrait sessions, bar-mitzfah’s, bat-mitzfah’s, etc.

What file format/resolution do you work with?

For album design, we accept high-resolution JPEG files for the images. This is the simplest way for us to design and it eliminates some of the back and forth at the end of the process.

I can’t narrow down my images. Can you do it for me?

Of course! Through our image selection service you can send over all images from the wedding, your clients favourites, or anywhere in between and we will narrow them down for you. We charge $50 for our image selection service.

How many images should I choose for an album?

We recommend about 3-5 images per spread and 10-20 spreads per album depending on how you want your final product to look.

Which album companies do you work with?

You name ‘em, we work with ‘em! Vision Art, Renaissance, Madera, Red Tree, Leather Craftsman, Queensberry, etc. We work with them all.

How many changes can I make?

We include unlimited changes in all of our album design orders.

How do I show my clients the album?

We integrate directly with Album Exposure. They have a clean interface that shows off your album beautifully. It will allow you to add in your own branding, and it acts as a middleman between us and the clients so we’re able to stay anonymous. If you’d prefer, you can choose to act as the middleman before the changes get passed along.
If you’ve already seen the proof through Album Exposure, then all you have to do is Accept the album to pass it along to your clients.

How do I approve my album?

Once you and your clients are happy with the album design, just click Approve on Album Exposure, and we’ll get a notification immediately that you’re ready for the print-ready JPEGs.

I’ve approved the design. What do I do next?

As soon as you click Approve on Album Exposure, we’ll get a notification that you’re ready for the print-ready JPEGs. We’ll prepare those within 24 hours and you’ll get an e-mail from Album Exposure containing a download link for your files.

Will my clients know that someone else designed my album?

No, we stay completely anonymous, we’ll never communicate with your clients directly and will never include any of our branding on anything for your clients.

How long does it take to complete an album?

Our turnaround is the same as our editing turnaround. We complete the first draft or an album within 7-9 business days, and each revision within 1-2 business days.