Our entire process is centered around you and your art. We want to support you in the best way possible and deliver images that you’re proud to show off. Everything is customized to your preferences, and you’ll never pay for anything you’re unhappy with.

Photo Editing

How We Work

Our editing process is completely centred around your vision. First, we start with a conversation. We want to get to know you, hear your story, listen to your expectations, and see how we can support you best.

After that, we’ll start talking about the specific details of how you want your images to look. Whether you’ve got an established style, or you want to develop something new together, we’re on board with your vision. We’ll get a full session from you, and go back and forth on revisions until we’re both confident in the final look for the images. Typically, we give this process a couple of weeks to initially get started, and then it may take a few sessions to achieve 100% perfection (but we’ll get there!).

During this process, you’ll work with one member of our team who will be your personal editor (consider them part of your team). Their understanding of who you are, how you communicate, and what you like to see will be key to ensuring the same results, again and again.

In our process, everything is included. We work in Adobe Lightroom, but we also work with Alien Skin Exposure, Photoshop, Camera Raw, and more. Whatever you do to achieve the look you want, we’ll make that happen for you!

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Partnering with Post Partner has let us do what we love. They worked overtime to learn our style and vision so we know our clients are getting the same results every time.
Erin De Jauregui


This includes color, exposure and contrast corrections, as well as cropping, lens corrections, straightening, highlight and shadow recovery. We use any presets that you’ve developed as a base, and regularly work with VSCO and Replichrome presets. If you’re not sure what you want, we’re happy to develop a custom preset for you.
RAW Processing: 0.32/image
JPEG Processing: 0.45/image


We’ll go through all of your images and select the best ones. Our editors go through every job in detail to understand the story of the day, and make sure that everything is well represented. We keep at least one shot of each family formal grouping, and work to get your specific preferences and method of culling before we start.
Culling: 0.05/image submitted


If you’re shooting with multiple cameras, it’s easy to get the syncing out of order. This can be a pain when you’re trying to sort through your workflow, and can slow you down at every step in the process. We’ll sync all of your cameras together, and categorize every section of the wedding into folders for easy uploading to your online proofing gallery. Each of these services can be ordered individually, and are priced by the amount of your edited images.
Time-syncing: $30
Categorization: $30

Gallery Upload

Waiting for your images to export to JPEG, then upload to your gallery can slow down your computer, and seem like such a tedious step in your workflow. Let us do it for you! Just let us know your login information, and once we finalize your JPEG files, we’ll upload it for you.
Export to JPEG: $25
Upload to Gallery: $25
Album Design

How We Work

Designing an album for a wedding, engagement or family session is really a deeply emotional and storytelling process. It’s not something that can be boiled down to simple templates, with no care given to the story in the images. For that reason, our process is completely driven by story. We take great care to understand how you’ve tried to portray that in your images.

Practically, this means that we design every album from scratch. It also means that we incorporate your personal style, and how you like your albums to look. And because we believe in making things easy for you, we include unlimited revisions to the design in our simple flat rate price. We also work with any album company, size, or process that you use.

We manage the whole proofing process using Album Exposure, which allows us to stay behind the scenes, and makes it simple for your clients to give feedback on the design until they’re happy with it.

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Post Partner has dramatically helped to free up my workflow. They integrate into Album Exposure and quickly make changes without missing a beat. Each design that is completed is truly beautiful and matches my style and vision perfectly!
Zac Wolf

Album Design

This service includes our design service for any album company, any page dimensions, and any amount of images. You let us know what you like, and we’ll translate your vision into the album design.
Album Design: $8/spread

Image Selection

Trouble picking exactly what images you want in your album? Send over a bunch of your favorite images, and we’ll narrow it down for you.
Image Selection: $50/album

Album Retouching

Want your images touched up so that nothing is distracting in the album? We’ll go through each photo and remove distracting elements, lightly touch up faces, and for all larger images, we’ll also smooth out the skin. We charge in bulk for the total number of spreads in the album.
Album Retouching: $3/spread

Upload to Printer

Happy with the album, but don’t have time to upload the album to the printer? We can take care of that for you once we’re finished with the design. Just let us know at the time of the order.
Upload to Printer: $50/album
Advanced Retouching

How We Work

Retouching images can often be the most time-consuming part of the post-production process. It’s also the easiest to spot if it’s not done correctly. We believe in images looking as natural as possible.

We’ll clean up the image, remove any stray hairs or distracting elements, smooth out the skin, and really make your clients stand out. We work in photoshop, and focus on natural retouching, without making anyone look over-processed or fake. We can handle any challenge you throw at us!

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Working with Post Partner has been the best decision I’ve made for my business. Letting someone else handle post-production frees me up to do what I do best.
Jamie Delaine

Basic Face

This includes facial blemish removal, stray hairs, and eye touchup. We charge this service per face retouched.
Basic Face: $3/person

Skin and Face

This includes everything included in basic facial retouching, and also includes skin smoothing.
Skin and Face: $5/person

Body Retouching

If there’s a bit of retouching that needs to be done on the arms, skin, or anything else, we can take care of this for you. We charge this service per person that you need retouched. This includes everything in our skin and face service as well. We’re up for any challenge!
Body Retouching: $8/person
"I've used Post Partner to handle the bulk of my RAW processing for the past few years. Their consistency and attention to detail have helped ease the anxiety of having someone else's hands on my files. Their customer service is excellent, too."
Jenny Jimenez