Retouching images can often be the most time-consuming part of the post-production process. It’s also the most obvious place to spot a mistake if it’s not done well. At Post Partner, we believe that your images should maintain as natural a look as possible but also be retouched effectively!

When we retouch an image we focus on editing a few key things while leaving the image as ‘au naturel’ as possible. We’ll remove any stray hairs or distracting elements, smooth out the skin, and really make your clients stand out. We work in photoshop, and it is always our goal to make sure no one looks over-processed or fake in the final edit.

  1. See the Pimple

    Whether you're trying to get published or just want to deliver the best images, nobody wants that unfortunate pimple.

  2. Submit for a Quote

    Every stray hair, pimple and telephone line is different. Send us the images and get a quote for cost and turnaround time.

  3. Awe your Client

    Send the final images to your client looking like the superstar you are without even breaking a sweat.


Hourly Retouching

Every stray hair and distracting element is different and therefore the cost and time will vary! We charge $60/hour and require a 1-hour minimum but prior to each job we will give you a time estimate and this is what we will charge you for retouching. Email to get a retouching quote.



Do you have a cost/time minimum?

Yes. We charge a 1 hour minimum for retouching at $60/hour.

What retouching services do you offer?

We can do anything and everything! We mainly work with natural situations, some common things we do include removing distracting objects, calming down wild hairs, smoothing skin, removing blemishes, whitening the bottom of your wedding dress, etc… We won’t do anything drastic like head swaps or body swaps.

What type of images do you need for retouching?

We want your fully edited, high resolution JPG files. We will always send back the fully retouched JPEG file. We will not send the Photoshop file.

Do you do body retouching?

We will do skin smoothing on your face or body but won’t stretch, shrink or plump a body. We think you’re beautiful just the way you are.

I’m not a professional photographer, can I still use you?

Unfortunately, we only work with professional photographers at this time. But, if you have questions about retouching images send us an email and we’d be happy to recommend some great programs/companies to you!