Working from home with kids

Are you working from home with KIDS?!

We’ve got you.

If you’re struggling to get work done at home because your kids are nagging you, please know that you are not alone!! This is not just you. It’s many families that are home and one or both parents are needing to work.

If this is you! Here are some ideas to help!

Working from home is NOT the same as working in an office. Allow yourself to be flexible and take time to acknowledge your children. They might understand what is going on, but they also may not. Be patient, be kind, and remind yourself that this will not last forever.


Create a list the night before of things you NEED to get done in the morning. Once your list is complete you can tackle those tasks and not get distracted by a task that doesn’t need to get done that day. Take advantage during nap time or create quiet time throughout the day to block out an hour or so to get stuff DONE.


Create your own workspace. Try to avoid working in the middle of the chaos. If your home allows, work in a room that has a door. This will help block out some of the noise. Try to only leave the door closed when you need absolutely no distractions. Your family will thank you for opening the door often to allow them to still interact with you.

This is difficult for all of us, some more than others but remember what Ellen DeGeneres has taught us:

“Be kind to one another” especially your family. #wereallinthistogether

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