Getting the most out of your Test Edits

A big part of getting started with Post Partner is sending in test images. In fact it’s key to creating a successful outsourcing experience. Test edits allow us to get to know your individual style preferences as a photographer and gives us a foundation of communication that sets us up for long term success.

At Post Partner, we passionately believe that the best outsourcing experience will only come from building great relationships. You’ll be communicating with 1 person about your style which creates consistency and helps build a relationship between you and your editor. Once you have completed the trial process an editor will be assigned to you that will be with you for a whole season.


What images should I send for test edits?

Deciding what images to send us for test edits can be difficult so hopefully these tips below help. Remember these are just suggestions and not rules for test edits.

1. One Job – Send us ALL the images from an on-going job that you are working on, or a recent job you have photographed.
2. Let Us Decide – We will go through and select 40-50 images from different points of the day. This is a great way for us to chose a wide spectrum of images, and some of those tricky images that you might not put in your portfolio but are important to your clients.
3. Edit a Few – It can be helpful (especially starting out) to have a few images that we can reference!
4. People, Places and Things – These images are important details on your wedding day and we want to get them right. Try to include a job that has these included!

Need help exporting files to be uploaded? Check out these helpful guides on how to export and upload images to us:

Exporting DNG files

Exporting Smart Previews

No Lightroom? No Problem!

Should I send you my presets?

Yes! You can do this 3 ways.

  1. Export your presets and include them in the test edit upload
  2. Apply your presets to images before uploading and label them. If you have multiple presets applied let us know which label has which.
  3. Email your presets to

Exporting Presets in Lightroom Classic

Exporting Presets in Lightroom CC

Our goal is to get to know your style by delivering edits that start a conversation, so don’t be afriad if we don’t get it right the first time. Our whole process is built around a relationship of communication and feedback.

Head over to to start the process and upload your test edits!

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