Team Tip – Staying Organized

Post Prodcution already takes up so much time, which is why we love having our team share their tips! Today, Jen is teaching about staying organized as creative professionals, and sharing some of the tricks she has learned throughout the years.

Hey guys, Jen here!

I’m not a photographer, and I’m not an editor. But I’m a creative, which means that my mind is often scrambling to remember details and stay organized.

As creatives, we can often get consumed and lost in thinking “I don’t even know where to begin”. For me, when this happens, I freeze and it becomes really hard to get started. I had to learn early that I needed to be organized, and that was a looooong process. But, along the way I found some really useful tips and tools to help me stay organized.

I know this isn’t a photography tip, but I think as entrepreneurs learning to stay focused and organized is a big part of the job. And, it’s the only thing I can think of to help you with right now. So, here are some of my favourite organizational tips!

1. Teux Deux

Teux Deux is an online task management program. It’s also an app that you can download onto your phone, and carry with you at any time! It’s split into two different sections. The top section is sectioned into days of the week that automatically move along as the week progresses. The bottom section is editable sections that you can sort by tasks. I have it split into different future projects I’m working on, and then I slowly chip away at what needs to be done. Personally, I love that Teux Deux is accessible on my phone app and desktop. That way, when I’m out and about and I think of a task I need to complete, I can quickly jot it down on my phone. But, when I’m working in the office, it’s just another browser open on my desktop.

However, the very best part about Teux Deux is, if for some reason you don’t finish a task on a set day, it carries over to the next day. It’s also super reasonable, only $3 a month or $24 a year.

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2. Use a Planner

Just like every teacher you had in school, I wanted to tell you to use a planner. Even though I never used a planner in highschool.

My infatuation with planners started when I was browsing Chapter’s late on Monday evening, and came across a Kate Spade white and gold polka dot planner. I like pretty things more than I like organization. But it shortly became my favourite little friend.

Find a planner that is laid out the way your brain thinks. My brain thinks in big monthly overall events, and weekly details. Which is what I found in that sparkly Kate Spade planner.

Note: Also a great tool is just synching your phone and email calendar. However, I’m technically challenged, and never got into this. But you should. I’ve heard it’s the way of the future.

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3. Set aside time

It sounds funny, but make time to be organized. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘why would I waste more of my time planning to be organized instead of just being organized’. Well, when you set aside time to be organized, you can wrap your mind around the day, and plot what tasks are more important than others.

A few years ago, I started waking up a little bit earlier, and setting aside 20 minutes to sit down and map out my day. I’m a list person. So I’d start the day by writing down all the things I need to accomplish that day, and then numbered or starred what was the most important. That way I always knew what my day was going to look like, and I wasn’t wasting energy during the day trying to figure out what I needed to do next.

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4. Set ‘staying organized’ goals

As entrepreneurs, life can easily become consumed by work, especially when it’s something you actually enjoy and are passionate about. However, it could eventually feel like the days just blend together and you haven’t really gotten anywhere.

Set goals for yourself to complete by certain days. If you’re wanting to blog more, set deadlines you need to reach. Example, blog by the end of the work day on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.
This also helps keep work time for work, and personal time for you. Creating organization goals can actually help you have a more balanced work life.

What are some of your favourite organizations tips? Are there any programs that you really love using to keep you organized?

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