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Although we spend most of our time editing images in Adobe Lightroom, we also use a few other programs for finishing touches. Today, Myles is going to talk through one of our favourite programs – Exposure by Alien Skin.

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If you have ever heard of someone talking about photo editing and Alien Skin in the same sentence, and had no idea what they were talking about, I am here to help.

What is Alien Skin?

Alien Skin is photography software company based out of North Carolina. Exposure, or more commonly known in the art photography world simply as Alien Skin, is one of the software programs the company offers.

What makes Exposure a great editing software program, is that is comes with great built-in features to achieve certain creative looks, that can be difficult to achieve in Lightroom or Photoshop. If you want, you can even use Exposure to achieve great results as a stand-alone application when editing.


Overall Intensity:
One of my favourite features in Exposure is the ability to scale back a preset with the “Overall Intensity” slider. With this feature, you can apply a preset overtop of your image and use the slide to blend the original image with the new edits. It’s much like the opacity/fill slider in Photoshop.

Lightroom Plugins:
Exposure can be a great program to add final touches to your images, which they’ve made really easy with plug-ins for Lightroom and Photoshop.

Layering Presets:
One of the more recent additions that Alien Skin has made is the ability to layer presets. When you layer different presets, you can create some really interesting and unique looks for your images.

Touch-Up Brush:
The touch-up brush is such a great feature that Alien Skin has added into Exposure. It’s a quick touch-up brush that can whiten teeth, bring out eyes, dodge, burn and even smooth skin. It’s quick retouching built in, without having to export and bring each individual photo into Photoshop.

With each new release, Alien Skin keeps adding a lot more great features into Exposure. These can drastically change the way your images look and feel with just minor changes. I would definitely recommend giving anyone getting Alien Skin Exposure to anyone looking for a jolt of creativity!

post partner, post production, editing, outsourcing, alien skin, wedding photography

Raw, unedited image

post partner, post production, editing, outsourcing, wedding photography, wedding photographer, alien skin

Edited in Lightroom

post partner, post production, outsourcing, editing, wedding photography, wedding photographer, alien skin

Edited in Alien Skin

post partner, post production, outsourcing, alien skin, editing, wedding photographer, wedding photography

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