Photographer Interview – Mikaela Ruth

The photographers we get to work with at Post Partner are our biggest inspiration. They’re artists and friends and we want to share their talent with everyone. We originally shared a blog post on the lovely Carly Bish, you can see that here. But, today Mikaela Ruth is sharing about creating your own photography style and building consistency and we’re SO excited!

Mikaela is a Vancouver based wedding and lifestyle photographer, and we’ve been lucky enough at Post Partner to work with her for quite a while. We’ve loved seeing her work develop as she grows as a photographer. But the great thing about Mikaela is she has always had this signature style that says “Hey, it’s me Mikaela, and these are my images”.

Her images showcase every couple’s love. Which, probably isn’t hard for her to do, based off her own love story. This was Mikaela and her husband’s Starbucks proposal video, that became YouTube famous in this part of the world. Click here to see that. They even have their own Starbucks proposal website. You should watch it, because it’s the sweetest thing.

We’re huge Mikaela Ruth fans around here, and are so thankful that she would take the time to teach about building consistency and creating your own personal style. Make sure that you go and follow her on instagram to see her beautiful work showcased, and the sweetest growing family (she’s got one, and one more on the way!).

Q: How did you first develop your signature Mikaela Ruth style?

    Mikaela Ruth:

    I found inspiration in photos that appealed to me. I would ask myself what it was about these images that I liked, and noticed that I gravitated more to images that had lots of natural light and softer colors, and so I tried to incorporate these elements into my photos.

Q: What do you look for to create consistency in your work?

    Mikaela Ruth:

    The first thing I look for is flattering, natural light. Then, I look for soft or light colours in the environment we’re shooting in, and use them as backdrops and/or natural light reflectors. When it comes to posing, I like to give my clients something to do so we can incorporate movement and emotion into the images, to keep them from looking stiff or…posed!

Q: What inspires you?

    Mikaela Ruth:

    I’m often inspired by the couple I’m working with…I love when a couple isn’t afraid to show their affection for one another or have some fun. I do what I can to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera so that their natural interactions and emotions can unfold, and in turn, this helps create some beautiful and authentic images. Other things that inspire me…natural light, real love, interesting architecture and breathtaking landscapes.

Q: How do you incorporate new inspiration into a style that is still consistent with the work you do?

    Mikaela Ruth:

    It’s not always easy, but luckily every couple offers some kind of new inspiration. I also try to see things differently…I may shoot a familiar pose from a different angle, or try a new pose altogether.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is trying to develop a consistent style?

    Mikaela Ruth:

    If you’re trying to create a consistent style, I would say take a good look at your work (or other work!) and determine what you like or don’t like. Take note of what appeals to you and then keep these elements in mind when you’re out shooting. It’s also important to stick to one editing style to maintain that consistency throughout your portfolio. It gives your clients something they can count on, and helps build a trust with them. Which again, will help you create some really great images!

Thank you so much Mikaela! You’re a dream to work with and your images are inspiring! So exciting to see what the next seasons brings for you!








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