#MeetYaMondays – Myles Koebel

Here at Post Partner, we are company made up of photographers who passionately believe that the best art is created through great relationships! That is why we are convinced that knowing who your editor is, and building a relationship with them is key to enjoying your outsourcing experience.

When you sign up to Post Partner, you’re assigned an editor that we think will best match your style! All photographers ourselves, we understand the basis of what a great photo looks like. And, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it right for you! Let’s meet Myles!

Meet Myles, Our Production Manager!

Myles oversees every image that comes through our studio. He works alongside all of our editing team to help them bring consistency to every order. He’s our technical go-to, ask him questions on specific gear for different brands, or why your internet might be acting up.

What Describes Myles?

1. I am a huge coffee snob. My kitchen looks like a chemistry lab with all of the different instruments to create that perfect cup.
2. Growing up I really wanted my first and middle names swapped; Alexander Myles.
3. I eat a bag of popcorn everyday.
4.I have been growing my moustache for 5 years, and sometimes when the light hits it right you can see it.
5. I was told by a vocal teacher that I missed my window to be in a successful boyband.
6. My favourite movie is “Hook” and I still get emotion when Peter finds his happy place.
7. Did I mention how much I like popcorn?

Some of Myles’ favourite images

Here are some of Myles’ favourite images he’s worked on here at Post Partner!

MeetYaMonday Grid - MYLES

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