#MeetYaMondays – Laine Mostert

Here at Post Partner, we passionately believe that your greatest work will come from the best relationships! That is why we are convinced that knowing who your editor is, and building a relationship with them is key to enjoying your outsourcing experience.

When you sign up to Post Partner, you’re assigned an editor that we think will best match your style! All photographers ourselves, we understand the basis of what a great photo looks like. And, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it right for you!

Meet Laine, one of our editors!

Laine is a learner. Not only does she do photography and editing, but she’s also a nurse. When working with a client, she learns as much about their style as possible, spending time detailing specifics about how one photographer is different from one another. Never overwhelmed by learning a new skill, Laine has taken on a lot of Post Partner’s social media. She believes that knowledge is to be shared, and wants to tell everyone the things she has learned.

What describes Laine?

1. I was born in South Africa ( I’m so international)
2. I’m a nurse, photographer and editor all in one
3. The OC is my favourite show of all-time – Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa are my people
4. I could always go for ice cream
5. My hair is my crown and glory- I spend far too much time and money trying to achieve the perfect shade of blonde
6. I used to competitively race sail boats
7. Feel good movies make uncontrollably weep even if its a happy ending

Some of Laine’s favourite images!

MeetYaMonday Grid - Laine

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