#MeetYaMondays – Kevin Lee

Here at Post Partner, we passionately believe that your greatest work will come from the best relationships! That is why we are convinced that knowing who your editor is, and building a relationship with them is key to enjoying your outsourcing experience.

When you sign up to Post Partner, you’re assigned an editor that we think will best match your style! All photographers ourselves, we understand the basis of what a great photo looks like. And, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it right for you!

Meet Kevin, one of our Editors!

Kevin is our newest editor in the Post Partner studio. Besides helping even out the female to male ratio, he brings a contagious laugh and a killer work ethic into the studio. He is diligent in working hard to understand each photographer’s personal editing style, and puts thought and care into every image he touches. We’re loving learning more about Kevin every day, and are so excited to welcome him to the team! Let’s learn more about Kevin!

What describes Kevin?

1. I was born in South Korea.
2. I know how to play 6 different instruments.
3. My favourite animated movie is Toy Story.
4. I love shoes.
5. I am currently in school for Economics. I guess you could say that I’m well rounded?
6. I often get told that I look like Glenn from The Walking Dead.
7. My Korean name is Yoon Yong. But, I chose my English name in honour of Kevin McCallister from Home Alone – my favourite movie at age 7.

Some of Kevin’s favourite images!

MeetYaMonday Grid - Kevin

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