#MeetYaMondays – Jen Peterson

Here at Post Partner, we passionately believe that your greatest work will come from the best relationships! That is why we are convinced that knowing who your editor is, and building a relationship with them is key to enjoying your outsourcing experience.

When you sign up to Post Partner, you’re assigned an editor that we think will best match your style! All photographers ourselves, we understand the basis of what a great photo looks like. And, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it right for you!

Meet Jen, Our Studio Manager!

Jen is our detailed, everything little thing matters person. She’s the girl staying on top of our clients, making sure every need is met. Need help opening up your edited XMP’s, or have a question you need to be answered ASAP? She’s your girl!

What describes Jen?

1. I can recite every word of every Gilmore Girl’s episode. My goal is to be Lauren Graham.
2. I’m a hippie at heart, if it’s local and organic, I want it. But, when I see Kraft dinner at the market, I have to buy it.
3. i hate using capitals. and i overuse periods.
4. If it’s made by apple, it’s in my life.
5. My most common compliment on my clothing is, “that reminds me of my grandmas’s couch”.
6. The last time I went to Disneyland I cried the majority of the day because I was so happy. I was 25.
7. I generally have the same interests in activities as a four year old.

Some of Jen’s favourite images!

MeetYaMonday Grid - Jen

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