#MeetYaMondays – Brandon Peterson

Here at Post Partner, we passionately believe that your greatest work will come from the best relationships! That is why we are convinced that knowing who your editor is, and building a relationship with them is key to enjoying your outsourcing experience.

When you sign up to Post Partner, you’re assigned an editor that we think will best match your style! All photographers ourselves, we understand the basis of what a great photo looks like. And, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it right for you!

Meet Brandon, our Founder!

Brandon has always been a lover of the arts. After realizing he was much better behind a computer screen than a camera, he decided to start Post Partner. He passionately believe that the best art is created with the best relationships, which is why having photographer’s work with one individual editor is so important to him.

What describes Brandon?

1. If it has hot sauce on it, or if it can be dipped in hot sauce, I’ll eat it.
2. I am an extreme extrovert, and could spend all day, every day with people.
3. People say I have a photographic memory, which I don’t. But, if I read it, 99% of the time I’ll remember it word for word.
4. No matter how many times I try to start, I just can’t do the social media thing.
5. My favourite jokes are my own.
6. I’m an morning and a night person.
7. I’m an ENTP.

Some of Brandon’s favourite images!

MeetYaMonday - Brandon

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