How to use Fill – Content Aware

One of the easiest adjustments you can make to already strong images, is to remove any distracting elements. Often times, there are circumstances or features that distract your focus away from your subjects. Using Fill: Content Aware is the easiest step to direct attention back to your subject and make your image even better!

Fill Content Aware is one of the easiest Adobe tools to use when removing distractions in an image. Found in Adobe Photoshop, fill content is a feature that synthesizes nearby content to create a fill that blends seamlessly into the area.
Note: Fill content aware won’t be able to be used for every situation when removing distractions, but is the easiest place to start.

How to use Fill – Content Aware

1. Pull the edited JPEG image into Adobe Photoshop and duplicate the original background layer.
NEVER work on your original file
You won’t be able to create a new layer, as it won’t have any content on it. To use the laso tool you need the image to collect data.


2. Use the Laso Tool
You’ll need to use the laso tool (located on the left hand menu) to draw a selection around the object/area you want to remove. You’ll want to draw as close to the object you’re removing as possible. This way your content will be as seamless in it’s removal as possible.


3. Create the fill.
Click on Edit > Fill then click OK!. This will automatically make the adjustment for you.


And then, bingo! You’re all done!


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