Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Post Partner! At this point, I’m sure that you have a few questions about how we work. We want to make it as simple as possible for you, so we’ve compiled a bunch of answers to how we work,  and how we make it easy for you.

Sending and Receiving Files

How do I send over my files?

If you’re submitting a photo editing order, we can take files a couple different ways. We’ll either accept Smart Previews, or Compressed DNG files. There are pros and cons to both, but either works for us. Our recommendation is the Compressed DNG Method, and we have a how-to for Lightroom 4/5/6, and Lightroom 3/Photoshop. Once you’ve converted your files, you’re ready to upload.

If you’re submitting an album design order, we can take the final, high-resolution JPEG files. You can either send over the exact amount of images for the album design, or we can select the images for you.

After you’ve placed an order, if you want to use our File Uploader, you’ll be redirected to a drag and drop upload page that makes it easy to send everything over.

What are Smart Previews?

Smart Previews are minimized previews of your images, which allow us to edit the images within the catalog you send us, and just send the LR catalog back to you. It’ll link up with your original images, and update with our edits. For a more thorough explanation, check out our guide here: Smart Previews in Lightroom

What are Compressed DNGs?

Put simply, they’re files that are compressed to 5% of their original size, that allow us to send back XMP files to match up with your original, uncompressed RAW files. Check out our blog posts and how-to’s for Lightroom 4/5/6, and Lightroom 3/Photoshop.

What are XMP files, and how do I use them?

Check out our blog post. We send back XMP files when you send over Compressed DNG files, and we send over a Lightroom Catalog when you send over Smart Previews.

Payments and Invoicing

When do I pay?

You will be billed when you place your order. If you haven’t already added a credit card to your account, then you’ll be asked to add one before you submit your order.

How safe is my credit card information?

We process all of our payments with Braintree Payments, and we don’t store your credit card information on our servers. They are securely stored with Braintree, and we never have access to the information.

What if I’m unhappy and want a refund?

We stand by our work, and we guarantee that we’ll either make you happy or refund your money completely. Just let us know that you’re unhappy, and we’ll refund your order 100%.

How do I pay?

We accept payment via Credit Card at the time of purchase, and you can use Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Album Design Process

How do you know what style of design I like?

The first time that you submit an order, before you have to feel obligated to submit payment, we send you an email containing a questionnaire that allows us to really learn your style, and how you like to design albums. We make sure to take the time to learn how you want it done.

What if my clients or I want to make changes?

We’re committed to creating a perfect album for you. That’s why we offer unlimited changes to any photo or wedding album design that we do for you.

How do I see the album and/or request changes?

For the proofing process of the albums, we use Album Exposure. This allows you to see the album yourself, send the album to your client, and allows both you and your client to make changes. You can also add your own logo and request the final JPEG files from us. Check out some more tutorials on

Photo Editing Process

How do you learn my style of editing?

We take this part of the process very seriously. Every client is unique, and every client requires our full commitment to a unique solution that’s created specifically for them. We are also committed to doing everything you do, so that means working with VSCO, Replichrome, Mastin Labs, or any custom presets you’ve created. Also straightening, cropping, etc. Whatever you want, we do it.

Before you place your first order, we’ll have you fill out your preferences from your account page. This really allows us to learn and understand your vision. This form will be the place where you attach your presets, and give us the specific details of how you like to edit.

After you fill out the form, we’ll edit the images you submit (if you want a trial) exactly to your liking. We can keep going back and forth until we perfect your style.

What if I’m unhappy, and I want you to redo the photos?

As always, we’re committed to editing exactly how you see it. If we’re unable to do that, we’ll try to learn and adjust your order, but if not, we’ll refund your order 100%. No questions asked.

How do I get the files back from you?

After your order is complete, we send over XMP files via email. XMP files contain all of the edits we made to your files.

Didn’t find an answer to your question here?

Give us an email at and we’d be happy to answer any other questions you have.

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