Conversations with Post Partner: Myles Koebel

In this episode, Myles takes the hot seat and gets interviewed by Jen. Myles is our most requested team member, and has been working at the studio the longest. So, we thought it would be fun to get to know him a bit better. Who is Myles? How did he end up at Post Partner? 

In our conversation, Myles shares about building his own photography business (The Koebels) with his wife, Chantelle. We also get to know what he does (everything) at Post Partner.

Smiling Portrait of Myles

At the end of our conversation with Myles, he shares how he realized that comparison was toxic to his overall wellness , and that recognizing what he wants his business to look like and who he wants his work to resonate with really changed the way he feels about the art he creates. 

Myles is our studio Maverick, and we can’t think of one thing he can’t do. If you’re looking for help with your preset, or any Lightroom tips, or just someone to make you laugh, get in touch with him. He’s such a fun personality and friend to have, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have him on the team. 

We hope you love this episode with Myles!

Check out The Koebel’s work:



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