Choosing VSCO packs

Post Partner is a company that specializes in editing, and emulating a photographer’s personal editing style. We’re also photographers ourselves, so basically, we spend a lot of time editing images.

We often have photographers emailing us about specific editing questions, how to achieve a certain look, or help to create a custom preset. All things we love to help with! But, the question we receive the most is “which VSCO film pack should I buy”. We have probably been asked the question a hundred different times, in a hundred different ways.

Now, we can give you the in’s and out’s of each different VSCO pack, but really, it depends on your personal style!

So, we asked a few of our editors which VSCO pack is their favourite, and why. If you can only afford one, take time and research all the different options, and choose one that you think would best fit your overall style or the style you’re looking to grow into.

If you have any VSCO questions, or are looking to customize your preset, shoot us an email at! We’d love to help you out! You can also read all about VSCO here!

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Brandon Peterson | principal
VSCO Film 01

I’d buy VSCO Film 01: Sometimes the simplest and most classic film stocks are the best looking. I prefer as little processing as possible, and a stock like Portra 400 adds a film-look without over-processing.

You can read more about Brandon here!

Myles Kobel | production manager
VSCO Film 01

That’s tough. For me, I love the look of Fuji 160/400 and Porta 160/400 because they have great classic film looks, while not being too intense. So I would say starting with VSCO film 01 would be perfect for anyone looking to add film-look to their work while being very versatile enough to customize too many different styles.

You can read more about Myles here!

Laine Mostert | editor
VSCO Film 06

Personally my favourite film pack is 6 – These eclectic films focus on colour and I think they add a lot to images without a lot of need for tweaking. They emulate push-pull processing as well as cross processing. While I don’t use the cross-processed films much, I think that the push-pull presets alone are worth it. The push-pull presets add richness to color, tone and give awesome grain.

You can read more about Laine here!

Post Partner, Post Production, Outsource, Outsourcing, Editing, Presets, VSCO, VSCO cam

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