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Working from home with kids

Are you working from home with KIDS?! We’ve got you. If you’re struggling to get work done at home because your kids are nagging you, please know that you are not alone!! This is not just you. It’s many families that are home and one or both parents are needing to work. If this is […]

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What’s the secret to be productive at home?

Are you trying to get some much needed work done but can’t make it into your office or studio? Want to know how to stay productive? Here are a few tips that help Annika stay focused and productive while working from home. FIRST TIP: Do not work in your bed or on the couch. Keep […]


Team Tip – Don’t fear grain

Because we spend all day editing images, and see so many different styles and scenarios, we often get asked our opinions on different editing techniques. We love sharing all the tips we’ve learned! So today, Myles is talking about grain, how to use it properly, and why you shouldn’t fear it. Here’s Myles! If you […]


Team Tip – Staying Organized

Post Prodcution already takes up so much time, which is why we love having our team share their tips! Today, Jen is teaching about staying organized as creative professionals, and sharing some of the tricks she has learned throughout the years. Hey guys, Jen here! I’m not a photographer, and I’m not an editor. But I’m […]