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Why you should be using Smart Previews

Lightroom is an amazing tool for photography and is constantly getting better with time. We read some articles recently that have called out Lightroom and Adobe to get their act in order and fix their speed issues. Their response? They already did in 2013 with the introduction of smart previews. Lightroom is constantly referring to the […]


Choosing VSCO packs

Post Partner is a company that specializes in editing, and emulating a photographer’s personal editing style. We’re also photographers ourselves, so basically, we spend a lot of time editing images. We often have photographers emailing us about specific editing questions, how to achieve a certain look, or help to create a custom preset. All things […]


Product Overview – Alien Skin

Although we spend most of our time editing images in Adobe Lightroom, we also use a few other programs for finishing touches. Today, Myles is going to talk through one of our favourite programs – Exposure by Alien Skin. If you have ever heard of someone talking about photo editing and Alien Skin in the […]