What’s the secret to be productive at home?

Are you trying to get some much needed work done but can’t make it into your office or studio? Want to know how to stay productive?

Here are a few tips that help Annika stay focused and productive while working from home.


Do not work in your bed or on the couch. Keep those areas for resting, lounging and letting your mind rest.

Working at a table or your office desk will improve your productivity 100%


Create a “dump list” – a dump list is made up of everything that’s filling your mind and distracting you from focusing. Creating a dump list before you start working is a game changer


1. Grab a piece of paper, then start writing everything down that you want to do, have to do, and as you write more things will come.

2. Categorize each task by due date. That way you’ll be able to work down your list and finish the tasks that MUST be done and you won’t get distracted by tasks that aren’t due until next week.


Assigning tasks each day to yourself helps create a schedule and makes you feel like you’re not wasting your time because you are actually able to cross tasks off your list.

Try it out today and let us know if you notice a boost in productivity! These tips can be applied to your business work or even daily tasks around the house.

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