10 shortcuts to speed up your workflow

We asked our editors for their favourite keyboard shortcuts that increase the efficiency and speed of their workflow. We narrowed them down to 10 quick shortcuts that will make your day to day editing faster and easier!

W – White Balance Tool

R – Takes you directly into the crop tool

Tip: “Holding “command” in the crop tool allows you to use the angle ruler on any straight line! This will help you quickly straighten any image if you have a hard time judging if an image is straight or not!

G – Takes you into grid view in the library module

. – goes to the next slider in the basic develop panel

, – goes to the previous slider in the basic develop panel

=/+ – increases slider value by a small increment

_/- – decreases slider value by smaller increments
White Balance – 50 points
Exposure – .10 of a stop
All other develop sliders 5 points

Tip: Using the period and comma keys to move up and down in the basic panel along with the plus and minus keys allows you to only use your keyboard while editing! Learning to rely on your keyboard shortcuts takes discipline but can help you increase the speed at which you edit!

Shift + “=/+” or “-_” – increases or decreases a slider value by larger increments
White Balance – 200 points
Exposure – 1/3 of a stop
All other develop sliders 20 points

Shift + Command + S – Sync Settings – this brings up the panel where you can select the settings you want to sync

Tip: Selecting images that are taken in the same area and syncing their settings is an easy way to speed up your editing. Doing this gives you the framework to work off each image in the area may require minor tweaks but this way you increase your speed!

Spacebar – zoom in or out

10 Shortcuts to speed up your workflow

There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts out there that can speed up your workflow, these are just a few of our favourite ones! We want this to be an interactive community where we can learn from one another and we at Post Partner can hopefully answer some questions that you may have! Leave us a comment letting us know what your favourite keyboard shortcut is!

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