Relationships matter most

We believe that pursuing your creative vision or excellence in your business doesn’t have to result in sacrifice. You should be able to spend time with your family and friends, you should be able to sleep at night, and you should be focus on the work you love. We want to offer you time to do the things you love (not photo editing), whether that’s shooting more or spending time with the people you love. We exist to be your biggest cheerleaders.

It’s your vision

Our commitment to you goes beyond portrait or wedding post-production. This is not a mass-market, one-size-fits-all transactional relationship. This is your art. This is how you see the world. We work hard to learn and understand your style, so we can bring your vision to life.

We love what we do

We get to work with incredible artists and see the immediate impact of our work on their lives. No more late night editing and no more stress. We get to come to work every day and partner with people who inspire us in our own artistic endeavours. We all work hard, we respect the work of our photographers and editors, and we always assume the best intentions in others.

Pursuit of possibility

We’re trying to fundamentally change an entire industry, and it’s not always easy. Working behind a lens or behind a computer can feel lonely and isolating but we want to be a part of your team. We love working in the photography industry and are photographers ourselves! We believe that almost anything can be improved with creativity, passion, and a bit of hard work.

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Our story begins in a home office… Back in 2008 our founder Brandon Peterson discovered a passion for photography. Quickly after second-shooting his first wedding he realized he was way more comfortable behind a computer doing wedding post-production than behind a lens, and decided that’s where he should stay.

12 years later, we continue as we began: a personal relationship between editor and photographer.

We’ve always been committed to seeing our friends succeed. We believe in you as business leaders, artists and people. We want to help you live a balanced life, where you get to grow your business, have time with your kids, and spend more time doing the work you love. Leave the post-production to us. We don’t treat our clients as customers, but friends; friends who inspire us to consistently deliver professionally edited images we’re proud of.

We’re in this together. We’re all small business owners and creatives who are trying to make a difference, and we’re excited and grateful to join you for the ride.

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We are a studio made up of photographers and creatives who love people, photography and editing.

We try hard. Really hard. We believe in honesty and that listening is more important than proving a point.

We long to be on the forefront of technology, and help you keep up to date with all the changes in the industry.

We believe that people are more important than profits. From day 1 we will treat you like a friend, and believe that kindness can make someone’s day better.

We are lovers of donuts and beer and succulents and you can often find us spending time with any of the three. We like to laugh and have fun.

We already know that we’re gonna love spending time with you. We hope you love spending time with us, too!