© 2018. picture by Nirav Patel

Our Story

Post Partner began back in 2008.

Our founder, Brandon Peterson has always been fascinated with photography, but always felt more at home behind a computer than behind a lens. So he began experimenting with color processing; researching and educating himself on the relationship between color, tone and mood.

This hobby quickly turned into a business enabling Brandon to work alongside professional photographers, empowering them to achieve their potential as an artist.

We continue as we began: a personal relationship between editor and photographer.

As we’ve grown over the years and added new team members, we’ve instilled our commitment to relationship, trust and partnership in everything we do. Our clients aren’t treated as customers, but friends; friends who inspire us to consistently deliver images we’re proud of.

We are invested in your success. If it wasn’t for you, there would be no us. You make this happen, and we’re grateful to join you for the ride.

Our values

Relationships matter most

We believe pursuing your creative vision should not result in sacrificing time with friends and family. We exist to give you the gift of time; time to invest into relationships and into yourself.

Your vision matters

Our commitment to you goes beyond just post-production. We’re behind you 100%. This is not a mass-market, one-size-fits-all, transactional relationship. We believe in your vision for your art, and we’re honored to play our role in bringing it to life.

We love what we do

We get to work with incredible artists and see the immediate impact of our work on their lives. No more late nights editing and no more stress. We get to come to work everyday and partner with people who inspire us in our own artistic endeavours. We develop meaningful friendships as we play our part in their journey.

Created for freedom

We started with a vision for freedom. For our team, this is freedom from an uninspiring, mundane 9–5 job. For our clients, this is freedom to pursue what matters most in life, and the freedom to achieve your potential.

Our Team

Brandon Peterson


Having always loved the fine arts, Brandon created Post Partner in 2008. He experimented with being a photographer, but quickly realized he was much better behind a screen than a camera. He strongly believes that the best relationships will produce the best work. When not in the studio, you can find him reading an articles about the latest tech gear, politics, what apple is up to, or hanging out with his friends.

Myles Koebel

Production Manager

Overseeing the entire editing team, Myles is our go-to when it comes to any technical or editing advice. He also loves working on developing custom presets. As our production manager, he oversees every image that comes through our studio, and works alongside all the editors to make sure images are perfect. After hours, Myles runs a photography business with his wife, spends the winter snowboarding the local mountains.

Jennifer Peterson

Studio Manager

Jen never wanted to work with her husband (Brandon), but ended up joining the team in 2015 after being in post-secondary school for longer than she imagined, taking every course possible (Literally. Ask her about it). She oversees all of our wonderful photographers, and spends most of the day chatting on the phone. When not sending emails, you’ll find Jen looking at pictures of baby animals or working on some sort of a craft project.

Laine Mostert


Laine is a part of both our editing team, and social media team. She has worked in the commercial and wedding industry and specializes in retouching and you can find some of her tips on our blog! On her days off, you can find her work on craft projects, or her own photography.

Kevin Lee


Kevin is one of the awesome editors who makes up our team. He is extremely organized and task oriented and puts so much detail into every image he works on. When not in the studio, you’ll probably find Kevin studying as he finishes his business degree. He’s also a phenomenal musician.

Katrina Grabowski


Katrina is one of the newest editors to the Post Partner team. A hybrid (film + digital) shooter herself, she understands the importance of making sure your images are consistent. Kat spends her weekends searching for her next adventure, hiking and exploring the west coast.

Haley Penner


Haley joined the editing team in 2016. Also a wedding photographer, Haley understands how scary it can be to outsource your work, and puts so much thought, detail and heart into all the images she works on. She’s recently married, and so she spends a lot of time with her new hubby when she’s not at work. And coloring. She loves to color.

Bryce Koebel


Bryce has such a love and passion for art, photography and videography (you should watch his Instagram videos). He has brought so much fun and passion since joining the editing team. When he’s not working on your images, you can find him pursuing another passion, competing and teaching dance.